Door + Entry Policy

Revenge is an LGBTQ+ Safe Space

Revenge & R-Bar are – first and foremost – safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community and their friends.

Whilst anyone is open to join the party, we ask that you respect this and behave appropriately. The following are unacceptable:

  • Homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism or prejudice of any kind.
  • Unconsensual acts of physical contact.
  • Straight men coming to Revenge for the purpose of ‘pulling women’. We want to ensure that women feel safe in our venues.
  • People daring / betting each other to kiss LGBTQ+ customers.
  • Treating LGBTQ+ as a novelty or like animals in a zoo.

Any of the above will result in you being removed from the venue and being barred.

R-Bar & Revenge: Standard Business Policies

The following are set out as Revenge and R-Bar standard operating practices as a guide-line for patrons. However,  these are subject to change around special events and circumstances. The decision of the venue management and security team is always final.


Last admission is 2:30am on Tuesday/Thursdays and 3:00am on Friday/Saturdays. Re-entry is not permitted.
Entry is subject to search policy and right of admission is reserved at all times.


We reserve the right to refuse entry to larger groups, regardless of gender or sexuality.

Any groups of over 6 should contact us in advance to seek approval for entry [email protected].

Dress code & fancy dress

Revenge & R-Bar do not operate a dress code as such, but we ask you not to wear flip flops or other beach footwear which could easily fall off.

Any customers wanting to wear fancy dress should contact the management team in advance to confirm they are allowed to enter [email protected].


All of R-Bar & Revenge’s events are over 18s and our door team will request valid photographic ID from all customers. Valid photographic ID is a photo driving license, citizen’s card, or passport.

ID Scanner

At Revenge & R-Bar we use Patron Scan – a computer system which takes a scanned copy of your ID, checks your age and whether you are listed on our database of people who have been barred from any venue using Patron Scan. Your data will be stored on Patron Scan’s password-protected systems for up to 5 years, but this data is not used for marketing purposes. Patron Scan is voluntary – if you do not wish to have your ID scanned, or details saved, please just tell a member of security on entry. However, you may be denied entry if you refuse to have your ID scanned. This is to ensure the safety of all our customers.


Large birthday parties and other celebrations are welcome with advance arrangement with the management. However, Revenge & R-Bar do not, as a rule, offer admission to hen or stag parties – this is especially the case if parties are in fancy dress (EG. veils, L-plates etc).

Drugs & Intoxication

The Management operate a policy of zero tolerance to drugs. Persons found in possession, or suspected to be under the influence of a controlled substance will be reported to the police.

Persons who appear to be intoxicated, abusive, and argumentative or who demonstrate signs of anti-social behaviour will be asked to leave the premises.

Medicinal Cannabis Policy

Following extensive consultation with Sussex Police Licensing, we now allow customers to bring in prescribed medicated cannabis, in flower or oil form, under the following conditions:

  • You must show proof that you have been prescribed the medication by keeping it in its original packaging which has the pharmacy label on it, showing the pharmacy’s details and patient name and date of issue. The full name on this label must match the one on your valid photo ID.
  • Anyone found sharing or selling medication will be removed from the venue and receive a lifetime ban. Please keep the original medication packaging (with pharmacy label) on you at all times, as our security team reserve the right to ask for proof of prescription once inside the venue. You should only carry a suitable amount on your persons for use on that night.
  • If you are prescribed the medication in flower form, you can only use a herbal vape. We do not allow vaping inside our venues, so you can only do this is our designated outdoor areas; on the roof terrace at Club Revenge, or outside the front of R-Bar.

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Food & Drink

No food or drink items can be brought into the venue from customers. If you attempt to bring any in, they will be confiscated on entry and may be disposed of.

Anyone with specific medical conditions which require certain food, drink or medicine should contact [email protected] in advance.

Prohibited items

We do not allow customers to bring in any of the following items to Revenge or R-Bar:

  • Pens
  • Chewing gum
  • Alcohol
  • Soft drinks or liquid
  • Sharp objects


CCTV in operation throughout the premises.


Please be aware that photographs taken within the venue may appear in advertising literature or on our website. Entry to either venue is on the condition of allowing permission for your photos to be published.

Special Events

Management reserve to change or withdraw any promotion without prior notice.