Club & Bar Revenge: Lost Property Policy

We strive to operate a safe and secure environment for our customers and work in partnership with Sussex police to keep known bag and phone thieves out of our venues. However, the best way to ensure the safety of your valuable items is to check them in to the cloak room.  On a Tuesday, this is available behind the bar, on all other nights, this is available on level 2.

For the safety and security of all our customers items left unattended around our venues will be collected by our security team and added to our lost property. Patrons will need to pay the cloakroom fee to remove them.

Question: I’ve left the venue, and forgotten to remove an item from the cloakroom, but still have the ticket.

Please return to the venue during the next trading session with your cloakroom tag and the item will be returned to you

Question: I’ve lost my cloakroom number.

We’ll be happy to re-unite you with your items if you are able to provide a full description of them. Please note that staff will not be able to do this until the end of the session in which you put the items in to the coat check.

Question: I believe I have misplaced my property somewhere within Club or Bar Revenge.

Please fill out the form below. We aim to respond to lost property requests within three working days. For any urgent enquiries (IE. lost keys) please call the management office after 11am the next day on 01273 606064.


Lost Property

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